In today’s very competitive labor market, voluntary benefits offer highly visible benefits for employees at no additional cost to the employer.

Voluntary Benefit Options

Advantages For Employers

No cost for the company

Highly attractive benefit offerings

Customizable solutions & products

One size does not fit all

Enrollment support

Advantages For Employees

Group discounts

Favorable underwriting

Lower out-of-pocket costs

Portable benefits

Enrollment support

Voluntary Benefits Case Study

Manufacturing Industry – Central PA

The Challenges

  1. They had multiple dated, expensive legacy products that didn’t fit the needs of the employees
  2. All communication to employees was handled by high-pressured individuals
  3. A low percentage of employees signed up due to this

The Solutions

  • Shopped all voluntary benefits with 12 insurance carriers

  • Created streamlined voluntary benefit options that met the needs of employees

  • Reduced overall costs to employees by an average of 20%