In the investment and rental property business, you have to be ready to “turn on a dime.”
So does your investment property insurance broker.

Instead of organizing many individually dated policies with various insurers, we place all of your single family, multi-family or mixed use properties on a single policy. As you buy and sell rental properties, our unique, custom-developed software will add/delete your investment properties on the same day ordered rather than waiting weeks for endorsements and billings.

We provide one single annual bill for all of your investment property locations and will name your LLC’s, Trusts, Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations (“S” or “C”), on a single policy. The additions and deletions to the Schedule of Locations are adjusted on a pro-rated basis, ensuring your renewal reflects all of the changes made during the year. You also benefit from all of your properties renewing at one time with one date.

For accounting purposes, we provide billings by entity or by location with payment terms up to nine months. We’ll also invoice your lenders if they escrow your premiums.

Calling from the settlement table? We’ll have the insurance documents in your hands faster than any other broker. Refinancing your rental property? Your documents can be provided at a moment’s notice.

We’ve heard your story dozens of times. You own 1 property, then 2, then 10, 25 and more. All of a sudden your insurance needs grew too great for you to efficiently manage. Start fresh today by organizing all of your individually insured properties and entities at one time, on one policy, and with one experienced agency. If your coverage is mid-term, we’ll calculate the returned premium due on your canceled policies. We’ll also prepare and file all of the paperwork to facilitate the change.

We’re not a “captive” agency like Erie, Allstate, State Farm, or Nationwide, that only offers you their own company’s quote. We’re independent brokers and scour the marketplace to present you with the best possible terms for your investment and rental property needs.

We’ve got you covered no matter what the property.

Flat roofs, vacant dwellings, renovation properties, mixed-use properties, Section 8, and everything in-between.

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