We’re ready to help design a benefits package that is attractive and affordable for your employees.

Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania’s Employee Benefits division specializes in designing group benefits that address specific business needs.

Benefits are most companies’ second biggest expense after payroll, but here are a few ways we can help:

1. Review funding options: fully insured, self-funded, level self-funded, consortium, captive
2. Identify your unique cost-drivers and put a plan in motion to reduce them
3. Utilize Brown & Brown’s leverage as a market leader with in-house professionals skilled at negotiating the best rates
4. Leverage technology to survey, educate, and communicate with your teammates

– Collect Employer Data
– Analyze Data
– Submit To Wide Variety of Insurance Carriers
– Analyze Insurance Carrier Quotes
– Negotiate with Insurance Carriers
– Find Best Fit and Outcome for Employer
– Employer / Employee Modeling
– Implementation & Ongoing Service

– Health Insurance
– Prescription Plans
– Dental Insurance
– Vision Insurance
– Disability Insurance
– Life Insurance

… and more!

Whether Health Insurance, Ancillary Benefits, Voluntary Benefits, etc., Brown & Brown has the proven experience to design and implement fully insured or self-funded options. The implemented plan designs can be customized to meet an employer’s goals and specifications. Take advantage of our relationships – Brown & Brown has preferred partnerships with most health, ancillary, and voluntary insurers. Our longtime relationships and volume of business with most insurers enable us to have a competitive advantage over other brokers. This advantage often extends to price, claims, and other points of importance to employers and employees.

Health Insurance plans targeted to meet the specific needs of an employer and its employees

Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania works with employers to design & implement health insurance plans targeted to meet the specific needs of an employer and its employees. Drawing from over 30 years of experience working with over 1,000 current health insurance clients, we have seen over and over again that needs and goals vary for each employer. Brown & Brown is able to offer customers a multitude of health insurance options explained in a simplified, organized, and easy-to-understand manner.

Traditional Insurance approach where an insurance company assumes the financial risk of medical claims. This approach is typically utilized by small and medium-sized business that want to minimize their involvement and financial risk. Fully Insured plans usually offer the least flexibility and generally the most expensive form of health insurance over the long run.

Employer takes a portion (or all) of the financial risk of funding their health insurance plan. Self-Funding allows tremendous flexibility in the design of a health insurance program. This flexibility can not only extend to coverages, but also to networks, administrators, and other entities that are involved. In addition, an employer has the ability to receive a vast amount of claim and other expense information which can used to determine future plan decisions and aid in getting the best use of a wellness program.

A self-funded program in which an employer is charged a premium amount that is equal to the maximum amount of claim risk for which the plan is liable prior to a Stop-Loss Insurance contract responsibility. This program builds upon the advantages of a traditional self-funding with monthly premium predictability and the ability to receive funds back if total claims paid are less than the maximum funding. Due to the premium predictability, Level Funding is often perceived as have the “look & feel” of a fully insured health insurance plan with the advantages of a self-insured plan.

Entities that are set up that enable employers to band together for economies of scale and expense efficiencies involving health insurance and other insurances. Health insurance plans are typically self-funded with added benefits from the Consortiums or Captives being improved risk managements, shared buying power for Stop Loss Insurance, and spreading out of administrative expenses. These arrangements may require commitments of time or capital.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Work

Brown & Brown always does a great job presenting the benefit plans and outlining the differences from year to year for our entire group. The delivery is clear, direct, and well understood. I know I speak for everyone in saying “thank you!”

John Schmitt, President, Keystone Aerial Surveys

We are so pleased we made the decision to work with Brown & Brown. From choosing plans to assisting with claims, we are covered 100%. Their attention to detail and personal approach in working with our employees and simplifying management of the plans is tremendous. Thank you for everything that you do!

Melissa Heely, Office Manager, Applied Testing
Nicole Beck

Meet The Team

“I always wanted to be a teacher so that I could spend my time helping people better themselves. I began working in Employee Benefits and quickly realized I’m able to add value and improve my clients’ lives every day and that’s why I love my job. If I can help lower families’ costs while improving their health and well-being, I’ve had a good day.”

Nicole Beck, Senior Benefits Consultant