Brown & Brown of PA’s Employee Benefit division specializes in designing group benefits that address specific business needs.

Whether it is Health Insurance, Ancillary Benefits, Voluntary Benefits, etc., B&B of PA has the expertise and experience to design and implement fully insured or self-funded options (where applicable). The implemented plan designs can be customized to meet an employer’s goals and specifications.Take advantage of our relationships – B&B of PA has preferred partnerships with most health, ancillary, and voluntary insurers. Our long time relationships and volume of business with most insurers enable us to have a competitive advantage over other brokers. This advantage often extends to Price, Claims, and other point of importance to employers and employees.

– Collect Employer Data
– Analyze Data
– Submit To Wide Variety of Insurance Carriers
– Analyze Insurance Carrier Quotes
– Negotiate with Insurance Carriers
– Find Best Fit and Outcome for Employer
– Employer / Employee Modeling
– Implementation & Ongoing Service

Included but not limited to:

– Health Insurance
– Prescription Plans
– Dental Insurance
– Disability insurance
– Life Insurance

…and More!

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