Conshohocken Office

Robert Heller President of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania Ext 121

Conshohocken – Accounting

Allen Dennery Accounts Payable Ext 320
Anthony Pappas Staff Accountant
Carissa Woods Insurance Operations Liaison
Cathy Crescenzo Accounting Assistant Ext 305
Jennifer Hicks Staff Accountant Ext 319
Joshua Aronovitch CFO Ext 126
Pamela Rhoades Accounts Receivable Representative Ext 127
Ryan Tolbert Staff Accountant Ext 136
Tom Polaski Controller

Conshohocken – Benefits

Dan McCormick Senior Vice President of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania Ext 130
Elissa Wiernicki Creative and Communications Specialist Ext 112
Francine Abel Client Service Coordinator Ext 100
Greg Shields Senior Vice President of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania Ext 102
Jan Marie Dysart Enrollment Coordinator Ext 115
Kelly Evans Client Service Coordinator Ext 154
Lynn Steerman Client Services Manager Ext 108
Maria Opalkowski Director of Ancillary Benefits Ext 129
Maureen Latrechiano Client Services Manager Ext 133
Michael Dysart Enrollment Manager Ext 117
Mike Kapustin Senior Vice President of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania Ext 103
Nicole Beck Senior Benefits Consultant Ext 118
Rebecca Kushner Service Coordinator Ext 131
Sherry Mahabir Director of Benefits Technology Ext 116
Tim Mudd Employee Benefits & Human Capital Management Consultant Ext 159

Conshohocken – Property & Casualty

Adam Rothberg P&C Consultant Ext 301
Albert Linares Senior Sales Executive Ext 327
Andy Shamberg P&C Consultant Ext 307
Barbara Hack Account Manager – P&C Ext 317
Benjamin Zhang Account Manager Ext 316
Charlie Morrotta Account Executive Ext 149
Colin McDonald Account Executive Ext 147
Crystal Barkley Account Manager – P&C Ext 128
Debbie Schodowski Senior Vice President – P&C Ext 302
Diane Feeney P&C Customer Service Ext 329
Erika Toennies Account Manager – P&C Ext 143
Greg Chaples P&C Consultant Ext 152
Heather Lindsay Account Manager – Bonds Ext 146
Jim Toennies Senior Vice President of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania Ext 140
Mary Barrett Account Manager – P&C Ext 303
Marcy Flanagan P&C Customer Service Ext 309
Matt Heller P&C Consultant Ext 318
Mick Hannan Claims Associate Ext 334
Nick Laky P&C Customer Service Ext 312
Niles Silverman P&C Consultant Ext 326
Paolo delaTorre Account Manager – P&C Ext 306
Rocco Ianieri P&C Customer Service Ext 308
Ruth Mundy P&C Account Manager Ext 141
Susan Smith Receptionist Ext 315
Tina Laky Account Manager – P&C Ext 321
Tyler Segrin P&C Consultant Ext 124
Vince Giorgio Bond Manager Ext 145

Mechanicsburg – Benefits

Adam Castner Client Services Manager Ext 123
Amanda Krick Client Services Manager Ext 113
Angie DeLuca Medical Proposal Specialist Ext 125
Bill Shoemaker Senior Benefits Consultant Ext 158
Christine Bowser Director of Client Services Ext 148
Dave Kaunas Benefits Consultant Ext 119
Donna Judd Customer Service Manager – Health Ext 104
Jake Hopkins Client Services Manager Ext 111
John Kulp Director Ext 114
Kimberly Nash Vice President of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvana, Compliance & HR Services Ext 107
Nancy Scharding Service Coordinator Ext 120
RaeAnne Ellinger Client Services Manager Assistant Ext 151
Sean Ireland Client Services Manager Ext 132
Suzi Belden Human Resource Specialist Ext 157
Todd Hons Senior Vice President of Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania Ext 101
Wendy Boyer Client Services Manager Assistant Ext 109