The Surety Team at Brown & Brown of PA, Inc., with a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry, has access to over 20 different surety markets, and can service all of your contract and commercial surety needs. Our contract surety clients range in experience from small trade contractors, to middle market general contractors, all the way up to large, award winning Project Management firms.

Surety Services include:

  • Contract Surety Bond Program Management
  • Bid Bond Preparation
  • Financial and Accounting Consultation in Conjunction with Surety Program Management
  • Bond Carrier Placement and Relationship Management
  • Claims Consultation
  • Bond Form and Contract Reviews and Assessment

Varying Commercial Surety Products:

  • License, Permit, and Compliance Bonds
  • Fidelity and Employee Theft
  • Probate and Other Court Bonds
  • Public Official and Tax Collector
  • Site Improvement, Completion, and Subdivision Bonds
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