Real Estate Case Study

Apartment Owner & Manager – Philadelphia, PA

The Challenges

  1. Inefficient insurance program with more than 10 insurance policies
  2. Coverage issues uncovered after a thorough analysis of the existing program
    • Coverage was limited to $10 million. The policy was insured $100M+ of real estate
    • Coverage was limited for roofs over 20 years old
    • Subcontracted work was not covered properly
    • Uncovered exposure to employment and management related claims
  3. Existing broker had a limited service team, which frustrated and created issues for the client

The Solutions

  • We consolidated coverage into 3 manageable policies with one bill

  • We negoiated with new insurance carriers to correct the numerous coverage issues found in the previous policies while reducing premium by $40k

  • Our real estate division’s service team of seven account managers and three assistant account managers stepped in to efficiently handle the client’s service needs